Where is your candy made?

Hello, our products are made in the beautiful state of Florida. We are licensed and fully certified to make all your delicious sweets.

How long is processing time?

Our goal is 3-5 business days but depending on demand your order can take up to 3 weeks to produce as we make fresh!

How long does the candy last?


 Since our candy is made from freeze drying, your treats will actually last up to 25 years with proper sealing of bags after use and care.

 Why does each bag have a different weight/amount of candy?

PLEASE NOTE: The amount and size of pieces in each bag may vary. We do our best to securely package each item, however, due to the fragility of freeze-dried food, some of the contents may settle or break in transit. Keep out of direct sunlight and be sure to keep the bag sealed properly between snacking to preserve the freeze-dried crunch.

What happens if my package came damaged?

Please Email us and we will give you the proper outlets to file a claim with your local carrier.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not. We cannot resell items that were previously sold. If you're not sure if you will like a style candy, please consider purchasing a sampler first.

DISCLAIMER: We are in no way affiliated with, have a sponsorship association, or represent any of the original candy manufacturers.